Most Popular Tools & Languages for Machine Learning and Data Science

AIMLMachine Learning and Data Science are undoubtedly the most sought career choices in the last 5 years. Not only because of its popularity but also because the technical knowledge that leads to the above career courses is something

Ivy’s Data Science Weekly 07042021

Data Science WeeklyWe welcome our weekly news section to discuss news, developments, and research about data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in the past week.

Data Spotlight: Spotify Wrapped Music Data

musicData SpotlightThe listeners of Spotify are familiar

Alumni Spotlight: Career in Data Science

Data Science CareerToday we have with us, one of our most sincere learners of data analytics and data science program, Mr. Subhajit. In this interview blog post, we will discuss how he started with the world of data, his experie

Ivy’s Data Science Weekly 09032021

AIWelcome to our weekly news section where we discuss news, developments, and researches abou

Data Science and Design Thinking

Data Science and Design ThinkingData science can be defined as analyzing and explaining ph

Data Science Interview Questions

Interview Questions and AnswersTop Data Science Interview Questi

Data Science Job in 2021

Data Science JobTips to Land a Data Science Job in 2021

Data Science is the new engine of all organisational decisions and landing a data science job is a dream of many. While landing a Data Scien

Text preprocessing using NLTK in Python

Text pre-processing using NLTK in Python

We have learned several string operations in our previous blogs. Proceeding further we are g

Step by Step Guide of Python Regular Expressions – Part 1

Cover image

The very first article in the NLP series introduced Natural Language Processing. We then explained