Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari
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How NASSCOM’s collaboration with Ivy Professional School will unlock exclusive opportunities for data science aspirants?

“India is today among the top 10 destinations for analytics and our aspiration is to be among the top three in the wo

Data Science Success Story of Pranjal Biyani

pranjal biyani

Undoubtedly, data science has taken down most industries, making data scientists the most sought job of the 21st cent

Data Science Success Story of Arpita Ghosh

student stories

“I had the idea of learning about data science, and that’s what brought me to Ivy”.

Data Science Application in Various Industries

Data Science Application

With an astonishingly high amount of data being generated today, researchers h

Text preprocessing using NLTK in Python

Text pre-processing using NLTK in Python

We have learned several

Step by Step Guide of Python Regular Expressions – Part 1

Cover image

The very first article in the NLP series introduced

String Operations Using Python for NLP Beginners

Hello NLP learner!! I hope you had visited our last article – Introduction to Natural Language Processing using Python. With that, you would have got an idea that Natural Language Processing essentially deals with Text Analytics. As a next step, we naturally need to learn how to deal with t

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