The latest buzz in Indian Analytics industry – October

A round-up of what’s been happening in the Indian Analytics space …

As the Indian start-up ecosystem gets bigger and faster, the need for analytics and Big Data training takes precedence. This month we find a new approach taken by the corporate sector to fill the gap between jobs and appropriate skill sets with TCS entering the fray after Usha Martin, even as Analytics Traini

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – September

The month of September has been a ‘wait and watch’ period to see how the new Government implements reforms, in particular exchange of technology and FDIs. Although, the India-US talks of September 29-30 will take some time to get off the ground, will it mean we can see more FDIs in the analytics industry and less of the acquisitions we have been seeing the past few years? Will there be more in

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics Industry – August

The focus this month has been more on new applications and solutions rather than acquisitions.  Special mention of the new all new app Surveyi2i, a great blessing to all who need to translate surveys into insights on-the-fly.

Acquisitions & Market expansions


The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – July

While the first two quarters of 2014 have witnessed plenty of analytics frenzy, the month of July has been comparatively quieter. Albeit, the continued faith in the power of analytics continues … with increased investment in analytics by vendors, angel investors, educational institutes and company boards.


# At the recently held NASSCOM Product Conclave 2014 at Ko

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics industry – June

We are back with a wrap-up of what’s been happening in June in the Indian Analytics industry.

Reports and Market Projections

# The projection of the Indian analytics market gets better and brighter, with the latest  verdict delivered at the NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit 2014

Who is hiring Analytics in Delhi and Noida?

A rundown on companies focusing on Analytics placement in Delhi and Noida 

Delhi sure beats other metros when it comes to analytics hiring!

Taking a tangent from the historical analytics hiring by big companies in the ITES / BPO /BFSI industry, the analytics hiring spectrum in the cities of Delhi and Noida has shifted to small to medium size firms.

More than 200 announcements and

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics….May 2014

This month, the IVY Blog featured a series of articles related to analytics in the cloud, with additional topics of interest to our students and Analytics Professionals-in-the-making.

IVY Featured Start-up of the month – Ideal Analytics

 Ideal Analytics made it to

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics….through April 2014

…. from IVY Professional School Blog

Beginning this month, we will be doing a monthly (in place of the bi-monthly) news wrap-up on what’s going on in the Indian analytics industry. So for a quick review on the latest buzz in Indian analytics, look out for the blog on the last day every month.

Another starter is a themed calendar where we shall feature a “Start-up of the month”

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – this fortnight in March

#1. India Government rolls out a SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) policy

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics….this fortnight in February (16th -28th)

# Continuing the trend of tie-ups and contracts from 2013, Wipro replaces Accenture for a 10 year

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