Data Spotlight: Spotify Wrapped Music Data

musicData SpotlightThe listeners of Spotify are familiar

Ivy’s Data Science Weekly 23032021

Data Science WeeklyWelcome to our weekly news section where we discuss news, developments, and researches about data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning that

Alumni Spotlight: Career in Data Science

Data Science CareerToday we have with us, one of our most sincere learners of data analytics and data science program, Mr. Subhajit. In this interview blog post, we will discuss how he started with the world of data, his experie

Data Science Communities to join in 2021

data science communitites

All about Big Data Job

Big Data jobWith the beginning of new tools and advancements in technologies, people have received th

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal Tiwari

Data Science Success Story of Vishal T

Data Science is not changing the world, it is defining the world.


The world is changing, and moving rapidly towards digitization. It is not difficult to compare today’s world with the one that was 10 years ago. There has been a

10 skills every Business Analytics Professional Needs

Business analysis is something that focuses most on analysing and optimising the processes and functions. A business analyst analyzes what a business needs, to function optimally and

Difference between a prepared student and unprepared student during data science interview


Data Science has become one of the most interesting and most sought jobs in recent times. While the demand for the job has become quite competitive, the job seekers still find themselves in bewilder

How NASSCOM’s collaboration with Ivy Professional School will unlock exclusive opportunities for data science aspirants?

“India is today among the top 10 destinations for analytics and our aspiration is to be among the top three in the world by 2025″

These golden lines by the NASSCOM vi