Most Popular Tools & Languages for Machine Learning and Data Science

AIMLMachine Learning and Data Science are undoubtedly the most sought career choices in the last 5 years. Not only because of its popularity but also because the technical knowledge that leads to the above career courses is something

Alumni Spotlight: Career in Data Science

Data Science CareerToday we have with us, one of our most sincere learners of data analytics and data science program, Mr. Subhajit. In this interview blog post, we will discuss how he started with the world of data, his experie

Step By Step Guide of Python Regular Expressions – Part 2

Step by Step guide of python regular expressions

This article is in continuation of our first part of a Step by Step guide of Python Regu

Everything you need to know about Data Science Competitions

Everything you need to know about Data science competition

It would be such a mundane life if not for various kinds of challenges and competitions to prove your prowess