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6 Companies that use Machine Learning extensively

Out of the thousands of companies that use Machine Learning , we have tried to highlight usage of Machine Learning in 6 companies like

Why Python is the preferred language for Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is simply making a computer perform a task without explicitly programming it. In today‚

Analytics Entrepreneur! Ivy Alumni speaks


Lookup for startups on the web, and you will find innumerable ones in the field of Analytics. It’s not a surprise, a lot of high paying jobs you come across are for¬†the

Analytics Startup of the week – Vidooly!


Did you know-

–The total number of people who use YouTube –¬†1,300,000,000

–Video is projected to claim more than¬†80% of all web

Base SAS – Cheat Sheet


Going for an

Learn Data Science Now, Pay When You Earn!

The Indian job market as tough as it gets. One Industry though which is showing very robust growth numbers is the Data Analytics/Sc

Entrepreneurs in Analytics- Entrepreneur and IVY student speaks!

Our students come from varied domains, professional and educational backgrounds ranging from engineers to bankers, geologist

7 reasons to shift your career to Analytics

According to HBR, Analytics is considered as the “

Machine Learning is a blessing for mankind. Do you agree?

As the world is gradually remodelling with the introduction of newer technologies every day,

Analytics Comes to Tollywood (Bengali Movies)!


The business of movie-making as they say:

Is Glamorous on the outside, Gamble on the inside

Is Exciting on the

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