A Rundown on various Analytics roles – Niche Analytics

As organisations and SMEs become increasingly data-driven, there arises the need to make sense of all that data and convert it i

Analytics Trends to look out for in 2014


What do we predict for the Indian Analytics Industry this year? Here is what we put together at IVY:

#1 Analytics, a mainstream career option

With several B-schools launching Analytics courses and professional training institutes expanding their reach, Data Analytics will become a career of choice, especially among the pervasive private engineering colleges.


Spotlight: Marketing Analytics

Where are my customers located in terms of market segments? Geography? Market size?

What is the revenue loss on account of customer attrition in the last financial quarter?

How to increase campaign response rates using predictive modeling?

Is the proposed marketing tactics likely to convert into increased sales revenue?

The ways companies interact with custo

Dig Data for Gold – Data Mining is a hot new job!

Dig for gold
Data mining is a hot new job, and it’s making number crunching sexy. Prasun Chaudhuri looks at what

Math Magic – Quantitative Graduates are in great demand

Maths magic

CAREER IN MATHS ● Mathematics graduates are in great demand in a host of establishments, r

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