The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – May 2015

The news in the Indian analytics industry is upbeat. Moody’s Analytics puts India’s GDP growth rate at 7.5% during the previous three months, with Potential Growth Rate likely to reach 9 %.  The ARC Advisory Group Report on trends in Analytics and Business Intelligence (ABI) choice, application and deployment in India also presents an optimistic picture. For those who have carved a career roadma

What if earthquakes were predicted?

The weekend was taken over by the worst earthquake in the sub-continent in the last eight decades. Thousands of lives have been lost, scores injured and property worth millions destroyed. News of further losses pour in as the aftershocks continue to shake us all up.

Geologists and scientists have always been monitoring the occurrence and frequency of earthquakes to simulate models. As the pote

A list of free to download eBooks on Analytics, Data Mining and Big Data

The Complete Guide to Facebook Analytics

This is a great book to start with understanding how metrics are used for branding, using the success story of Facebook.

Analytics Companies in Kolkata

This is a list of analytics companies with presence in Kolkata.

The specialisations are not exhaustive, as many analytics start-ups are a work-in-progress. If you have any additions or suggestions to make, please feel free to leave the company’s name as a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.


Top 11 Analytics Predictions for 2015

The year 2014 witnessed phenomenal maturity of the Indian Analytics industry. We have seen all our predictions for 2014 come true and they crossover to 2015.

As we continue to trace the Indian analytics trajectory, here is the list of Top 11 Analytics Predictions for 2015.

  1. An

Top 10 Analytics Companies most searched on Google

As 2014 year draws to an end, we decided to draw up one of those typical end-of-the-year lists we are all so fond of.

This is a list of the most searched-for Analytics companies.

Search Engine used – Google


  1. Target Analytics
  2. Amazon
  3. IBM
  4. Data Monitor
  5. Dell Global Analytics
  6. HP Global Analytics
  7. <

Featured Start-up of the month – Analytics and Risk Management Hiring Firm, Rinalytics Advisors

This month we make a detour from our usual analytics start-up profiles. We feature a specialised executive search firm focused exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors.

The traditional placement firms have today evolved in fresh avatars, with add-on services, niche domains serviced, or management hiring ‘only’ like this start-up

Featured ‘Start-up of the month’- Nanobi Analytics, Bangalore

If you thought an ‘app store’ was just a digital marketplace for mobile apps, then you need to have a rethink. Indian firm, Nanobi Analytics, has redefined the term ‘app store’ with its cloud based BI platform offering analytic applications for use by various industries.

This Bangalore based start-up is only 11 months old, and has come up with t

What is Data Management and Analysis?

Data is everywhere whether in unstructured or structured form.  Yet stand alone data makes no sense unless measured, managed or optimised. To gain valuable insights into a given set of data, the data has to lend itself to analysis using a clearly defined methodology, strategy and business goals.

What this means.

Data is to be questioned, transformed into information and shaped to des

Spotlight: Business Analytics

Spotlight: Business Analytics

What data should I collect? What does the data tell me?

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