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The Mail Order

Did you know that while writing an email to many people within the workplace, the addresses have to be in the hierarchical order? Have you been at the receiving end of the unforgiving ‘Reply All’ tab? Or been horrified to see the unfortunate typo for luck? If you have checked in yes to at least one of the questions you need to brush up on your email etiquette.

Stick to the Poi

Web Analytics As A Career

The world wants to be online, but only a handful of people understand the medium in depth. The art of understanding the intricacies of web is the key to develop your business on the ever-changing platform. This requirement has created a whole new career option for web enthusiasts who understand the platform well and know how to draw out the right analyses based on web trends.

A web analy

Data Analytics, The Next Big Thing for India Inc

The next set of innovation for India Inc. will revolve around the ‘Big Data’ or data analytics, according to Pramod Haque, managing partner at the US-based venture capital firm Norwest Venture Partners. Speaking at the recently concluded VCCircle Bengaluru Investment Forum, Haque said that the impact of big data would be akin to what ERP did for the information technology sector, which le

IBM ranked as leader in domestic Indian IT market with a 31.4% share in revenues

IBM India led the domestic Indian software market in 2010 with a 31.4% share in the industry’s revenues last year, according to research firm Gartner Inc.

Customers, such as HDFC, SBI, Bharti Infratel and Indian Railways, contributed to IBM India’s 55% market share in the application infrastructure and middle

Success with Analytics: It’s All in the Wrist

What factor enables one organization in the same industry or government sector as another to get more value from applying analytics?

In sports played with a racket or paddle (like tennis or Ping-Pong), the phrase “it’s all in the wrist” sums up what many believe provides the primary winning edge for the superior player.

With the emergence of applying business analytics as a

What Social Media in 2011 Tells Us about the Future of Marketing?

Marketing is a broad term in its own way. It has its own unmatched standards. It has various categories, one of which is Social Media Marketing. Internet gave some space for social networking to its users that encouraged Social Media Marketing. In fact, it has been one of the hottest topics in the marketing world lately. And with the set-up of several

Be Prepared

Put your best foot forward for that job interview
Getting ready for an interview isn’t what it used to be. Now you must contend with many different kinds of questions and formats. Here are three types of interviews you may face and some pointers to pr

Net That Job

The preliminary sorting of job applications is done by a computer. So include key words in your résumé
The first thing the experts tell you to do before you go for a job interview is to learn all about the company. You need to impress the interviewer with your knowledge. It isn

Interviews: Crack the SWOT analysis

Most of us are quite apprehensive when asked to present our SWOT analysis at interviews. For those who don’t know what it means or how to answer it, this should help.

What is it?

FAQs in Job Interviews

Brace up for the most common questions asked by employers
Every interview has a unique focus, but some questions are asked so often, it makes sense to prepare for them. To be successful, you need a strategy — not scripted answers

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