Tableau vs Power BI banner

Data Visualization has gained massive popularity lately. Not only is this required by Data Scientists and Data Analysts, but also useful for many other roles from

R vs Python for Data Science

R vs Python

There are 100s of programming languages existing today like Java, C, C++, Unix, Python, R, etc. Many have got obsolete while others are being invented rapidly or observe a variation in demand dependi

beginners guide to data science

Introduction to Data Science

This article is a beginner’s guide to D

Tanwi placed in HSBC

We are proud to share that Tanwi has bagged a Data Analyst job with HSBC, one of the largest global banks, HSBC. Below she shares her Interview Experience with the big conglomerate.

Nothing is impossible t

Everything you need to know about Data science competition

It would be such a mundane life if not for various kinds of challenges and competitions to prove your prowess

How to apply OCR to recognize text from any image using Python

Recently an intriguing thought struck me. With all the auto

write your own functions in R

Welcome to the third article of my series “Writing your own functions in R”. This weekend we will see how we can create attractive excel reports using openxlsx package.

In the pr

write your own functions in R

Welcome to the second article in my series of “Writing Your Own Functions in R”.

In this article, we will see how we can write a custom function that iterates through different sheets in .xlsx

Writing Your Own Functions In R

write your own functions in R

There is so much in common we do whenever we start writing an R script. Recently we have identified a few things which are pretty repetitive and it only helps if one function does it all. Lets see how we can run our own func

randomized control trials

Randomized control trials(RCT) as described by John M.Last as