Forget keyloggers and packet sniffers. In the wake of industry rules requiring credit card data to be encrypted, malware that siphons clear-text information from computer memory is all the rage among scammers, security researchers say.

So-called RAM scrapers scour the random access memory of POS, or point-of-sale, terminals, where


Learn to motivate your employees to get the best out of them.

Managers who understand what motivates each employee can tailor incentives accordingly. But your motivational toolbox should go beyond rewarding excellent work. Just as important to keeping workers engaged is a plan

Precautions need to be taken while outsourcing work due to various reasons like money, time, availability of manpower etc. There are many risks involved during process of outsourcing and thus it is imperative to choose the right service provider. The outsourcer should be honest and efficient with good communication skills. This is not a big and diff


This is a practice area that was thought to be in decline 10 years ago but which still attracts newly qualified actuaries. Indeed, the increasing globalisation of the profession has made it easier for pensions actuaries to explore new markets.

Pension saving is a newly emerging industry in Asia, where the custom for generations was

Fundamental analysis for stock picking is passe, quantitative investment strategy based on mathematical calculations is the in thing, say Prashant Mahesh & Nikhil Walavalkar.

Investors are familiar with stock selection strategies based on fundamentals. Most mutual funds and

Are you looking for a marketing tool that is both effective and inexpensive? Then pull out your microphone and do some speaking! Why should you consider ‘public speaking’ as a way to obtain new customers? Because it doesn’t cost anything, except your time, and it is effective.

Why is being a speaker at an association meeting or o

Six months back, like many others, I was enthralled by the Microfinance ‘success story’ in India. However, as an intern with a leading Microfinance Institution (MFI), on my first field visit- in a scanty, unsightly village in North India- as these microfinance borrowers recounted their tales, I realized that all was not hunky dory.

The folks at the independent anti-virus testing body have been in touch with some interesting statistics.

They are finding more than one million unique malware samples a month, and presently the total amount of unique samples in their mal


Outsourcing to India appears to be the biggest trend during the recent past. It has several reasons why more and more companies are looking forward to Outsourcing to India. If we put other reasons apart the strongest reason for Outsourcing to India is the human talent this country has and that too at very low costs. Twelve months ago, anybody suggesting that India’s

The behaviour of, and trends in, lobal investment markets will affect actuaries working in all areas, as well as those who specialise in investment. It is anticipated, therefore, that the breakout sessions will dealing in investment will be well subscribed. In fact, investment instruments are becoming more accessible to the population as a whole. Take derivatives, f