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Undoubtedly, data science has taken down most industries, making data scientists the most sought job of the 21st century as per the Harvard business review. Despite the increasing demand and appetite for expe

How to Start a Big Data Career as a Fresher in 2020

Big data is a field that deals with data sets that are too large or too complex to be dealt with data-processing application software. Only exp

student stories

“I had the idea of learning about data science, and that’s what brought me to Ivy”.  Arpita Ghosh, our student from Ivy

Data Science Application

With an astonishingly high amount of data being generated today, researchers have claimed that by 2025, every year, the amount of data available would be increasing exponen

data science interview 101

Data Science has become one of the most interesting jobs in recent times. While the demand for the job has become quite competitive, the job seekers still find themselves in bewilderment as ther

Guide to business analytics job roles

Business Analytics is often misunderstood with Data Analytics and the sole reason for this article is to bust this myth and educate our avid readers about the exact role of an individual pursuing a career

Text preprocessing using NLTK in Python

Text pre-processing using NLTK in Python

We have learned several string operations in our previous blogs. Proceeding further we are g

Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, etc. technologies gained a lot of attention in the recent past. More so because of the potential to help businesses with their applications and

Step by Step guide of python regular expressions

This article is in continuation of our first part of a Step by Step guide of Python Regu

Tips to prepare for Facebook Fata Science jobs

Introduction –

Would not that be surprising if someone says he or she is not aware of Facebook? Undoubtedly, a majority of us most likely