Way back when, Microsoft opted for convenience over security and Windows users have been sitting ducks ever since. I’m speaking of autorun/autoplay, a feature in Windows that lets programs run automatically when a CD or USB flash drive is inserted into a PC. For years now bad guys have been exploiting this to automatically infect PCs with malicious software.

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In the given scenario, India continues to struggle to keep up with the growing demands of talent supply required. This very problem gets intensified with non-availability of academic institutions imparting KPO skills or courses to bridge the gap. The competition for Indian KPO companies become stiffer with emergence of other destinations like China, Poland, Hungary,

Insurance policies are a huge sector in India that is growing rapidly at a speedy rate of 15-20%. The insurance sector is just about 450 billion yet 80 percent of the population in India is not assured. This gives you a glance into the vast growth chances that exists for this segment. The insurance industry in India mainly consists of two main kinds, the

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Popular Myths Often Prove Costly. Here Are Some Tricky Ones That You Must Stay Away From.

IT WAS that year when most investors paid heavily for their costly mistakes. As we step in 2010, there are some lessons to learn and at least avoid the following 10 investment mistakes.


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Follow these tips to avoid some of the common blunders in résumé.


Your résumé should not be a boring list of job duties and responsibilities. Demonstrate how you made a difference to the company you worked for. When highligh


Friend Stranded in Foreign Country Scam Emails

Email supposedly from a person known to you claims that he or she is stranded without money or papers in a foreign land because of a robbery and asks that you send funds urgently via a wire transfer to help the person return home.

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“Over the past year or two, the outsourcing industry has been throwing up jobs for Doctors, Engineers, CAs, Architects,” says Jacob William of the Bangalore-based Outsource2India, which employs 500 people and offers services in the big-buzz, big-bucks area of knowledge process outsourcing. “Unlike the first wave which was more about entering data and answering phone

Many in India consider the insurance sector as the secured one but the recent downfall in the premium income of private and public life insurance and general insurance companies clears this myth. The figures came out in the light, regarding the premium income of insurance industry clearly shows that Insurance India is not recession proof.

Downfall started from t