Learn to Visualize Series – Episode 2 | Dashboard Actions in Tableau

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In this blog, we will be covering the conversation of Eeshani Agarwal and Ruchika Saha, who bring us the second episode of the Learn to Visualize series where we are going to learn about Dashboard Actions.  Eeshani Agarwal (Data Storyteller and Data Visualization Expert (Tableau, PowerBI, VBA, SQL, Excel). Coached 9,000+ professionals & consulted 50+ Fortune 500 companies) and Ruchika Saha (an aspiring Data Scientist). Ruchika is currently pursuing a Data Science course from Ivy Professional School. Ruchika is someone who is inspired by data visualization and her work reflects it clearly. Learn from their conversation here. In order to proceed further in this, let us find out why we need dashboards and why we need to take actions on them. 


What is a Dashboard?

In simple words, Dashboards are basically visualizations which help the end users to understand the complicated data easily. There is a lot of data which cannot be understood in a blink of an eye and might take a lot of time to be analysed before picturing the real issue. This is where the dashboard comes into place. Dashboard has all the important information that the user wants, all KPIs of the business. Here, we are going to work on this dashboard which talks about profit. We’re going to analyze profit based on the following factors : 

  • Country 
  • Sub Category 
  • Categories 
  • Segment


Dashboard actions helps us doing the following :

  • Drill down multiple views at the same time
  • Get deeper insights and patterns
  • Understanding the story behind the data.


The whole point of this video is about analyzing all the data around profit. Using the Superstore Sales Dataset, we will gain multiple insights from the Dashboards.


Drilling down the data :

Drilling down the data means finding more and better insights. For example, if we have five different charts sitting somewhere, we know the output or inside of one chart, and we know what is output and inside of another chart. However, how to make all of them work together, that’s where the actions really help us to understand our data, and it helps us to get deeper insights and patterns. It is important to not do a lot of things on the dashboard as it creates a lot of clutter. Hence, the important part of a dashboard is to create a story. 

How exciting does this sound! Tableau has created a buzz in the business world when it comes to showing business intelligence. Analyzing data is one part of the job, whereas visualizing data is another brilliant part of knowing the business story. Watch the video, to learn more about the following visualizations : 

  • Country wise Profit and Sales
  • Category wise Profit over the Years
  • Segment wise Profit over the Years
  • Sub Category wise Profit
  • Dashboard
  • Actions in Tableau
  • Filter Action
  • How is Discount affecting the Sales?
  • State wise Discount Sales Relationship
  • When should we apply Filter and Highlights
  • Highlight Action


Learn about the Learn 2 Visualize Episode 1 here.


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