Find your perfect ‘Analytics’ Job role fit! – Part 1

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Looking out for a career change! Does the word “Analyst” allure you? Do you have the required skill sets but the job roles confuse you? Then this article is for you! It often turns out that the job titles use the term “Analyst” too loosely and at this juncture, it has become important to have a look at the job description before you apply.

In this series of articles, we shall acquaint you with a few job roles and you shall know by the end which one suits you the most.

Risk Analyst

The global marketplace can be a volatile place to do your business and for companies selling products and investing offshore, specialized financial advice is important. This is where a Risk Analyst comes into action. A Risk Analyst analyzes a firm’s investment portfolio, identifies associated risks, projects potential losses and puts forward strategies to limit the risks through diversification of investments.

A Risk Analyst typically requires to have a good background in Finance, investment risk, systems and portfolio management. With strong analytical skills and statistical knowledge, one can bag this role.

This job role is required by financial services firms, banks, insurance companies, mortgaging companies and consulting organizations.

HR/People Analyst

This particular job role is most common in companies that are expanding and so is their operations. An HR Analyst is responsible to collect information about jobs, salaries and costs that affect companies. Their responsibility involves choosing the best pay to be offered, analyzing candidates based on their skill sets to match them with the best possible job, analyzing data in order to come up with ways to improve training programs etc. They also analyze reasons for attrition rate and how to retain employees.

The role is seen upcoming in almost every business house. While no prior experience may be required for this position, however, it is important that an HR Analyst is educated on labour laws, civil laws and basic company policies.

Look out for the next part of this series next Wednesday. Stay Tuned!

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