A Rundown on Analytics friendly Big Data technologies

The rise in unstructured data is driving organizations to optimise large workloads of data to enhance greater accuracy and prediction. Core software platforms and programming models focused on Distributed File System (DFS) for near real-time BD processing are being developed. With these software ecosystems as the mainstay, established IT vendors are moving into the world of Big Data with offering

What’s so BIG about Big Data?


It is all over the internet and media.

Big Data is the next best thing in IT and Analytics. Organizations with constantly growing database are moving over to Big Data technologies.  IT developers, DB administrators and computer geeks are exploring avenues to honeg their skills in Big Data and Big Analytics.

The buzz about ‘Big Data’ has been gathering momentum over the last tw

How Big Data and Analytics can change the way your organisation works

If your organization works with data, you are probably working with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and desktop statistics and visualisation technologies.  As your organisation expands horizontally and scales vertically, you may find the size of your data extending beyond hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and more! While most of the data lies in unstructured text files

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