What are Randomized Control Trials

randomized control trials

Randomized control trials(RCT) as described by John M.Last as

A Day in the life of an Analyst


A typical day in the life of an Analyst

An Analyst works on varied projects with multiple deliverables and varied duties depending on the

What ‘skills’ do you need for a career shift to Analytics?

Last month, we explored how you could make a career shift to Analytics.

You may ask what about skills needed to make this transition.

Several questions must be plaguing you.

Do I need ‘deep’ statistical knowledge?

Which tools should I l

Top 6 Soft Skills in Demand for entry level Hiring

The year 2014 witnessed a significant shift in workplace demands across the country. Skill sets that display high levels of interpersonal skills are now in greater demand. As 89 percent of businesses worry about the quality of future leaders, people-centric soft skills occupy space in new hiring criteria.

Employers are faced with an always-connected generation inseparable from their mob

How good is your ‘Personal’ Analytical Quotient?

Okay. So you know all about IQ and EQ tests. While different IQ (Intelligent Quotient) tests assess your visual, mathematical and even language abilities they also run a check on your memory and information processing speed against a score. EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) tests on the other hand, evaluate the emotional ability to perceive, control and persevere.

However, neither IQ nor EQ

5 soft skills you need to crack Analytics interviews

A degree and analytics certification is not always enough to get you through the interview. What you need is soft skills to crack the interview for an analytics job.

The analytics industry calls for some core soft skills that often decide the success quotient of analytics jobs. This article explicitly covers on the whys and whereofs of ‘

Top 30 Common Interview Questions

You have graduated and got yourself that sought after analytics qualification. You are now pitching for various analytics job openings. As a fresh student with no work experience, you are obviously wondering what happens when you walk in the door for an interview.

Well, to begin with most companies have some common interview questions that you ought to prepare well for.

#Tell us somet

5 Skills you need to become an Analytics Professional


Looking for a career change or a specialized training that is guaranteed to result in a sizeable salary with plentiful benefits? Then Data science or Analytics is what you need to look at.

With more companies using voluminous data, the demand for data analysts or data scientist

Use Social Networking Sites to get a job

Today, almost everyone who is connected to the Net, is present on at least one networking website, be it Facebook, Twitter or Myspace. For workaholics, the most popular professional networking site is LinkedIn.

According to the Kelly Global Workforce Index 2011, which covered 97,000 people across 30 countries and 2,000 people in India, about 35% of the respondents in the country scoured socia

The Mail Order

Did you know that while writing an email to many people within the workplace, the addresses have to be in the hierarchical order? Have you been at the receiving end of the unforgiving ‘Reply All’ tab? Or been horrified to see the unfortunate typo for luck? If you have checked in yes to at least one of the questions you need to brush up on your email etiquette.

Stick to the Poi