Why learning R is important in present day context

 If you are wondering what language to learn that is going to give you value for money and time invested, that’s definitely “R”.

SAS career scope in Kolkata

While Analytics Opportunities in Kolkata currently focus on both KPO and Risk analytics, there are various Job Roles that have a specific requirement for SAS skills. These are not confined to traditional Data or Risk Analytics alone and have a wide range of work areas.

So if you are train

What are the Analytics opportunities in Kolkata?

If you are looking for analytics opportunities in Kolkata, you couldn’t be getting luckier. The Kolkata analytics landscape has begun looking up, with plenty of opportunities waiting for the one wanting to make it big and fast in the analytics industry.

Why Kolkata  is fast emerging as a hotspot for wannabe analytics professionals?

#1. A shift from ‘only’ big hirers to

Top 30 Common Interview Questions

You have graduated and got yourself that sought after analytics qualification. You are now pitching for various analytics job openings. As a fresh student with no work experience, you are obviously wondering what happens when you walk in the door for an interview.

Well, to begin with most companies have some common interview questions that you ought to prepare well for.

#Tell us somet

Analytics Career Path – 5 things you must know

Before you plunge headlong into analytics as your chosen career path, you need to know whether you are have the right skills for the fast developing analytics industry.

Once you are confident you have what it takes to be a data analyst or scientist, the next logical step is to e

5 Skills you need to become an Analytics Professional


Looking for a career change or a specialized training that is guaranteed to result in a sizeable salary with plentiful benefits? Then Data science or Analytics is what you need to look at.

With more companies using voluminous data, the demand for data analysts or data scientist

The Challenges faced by the KPO Industry today

The Challenges faced by the KPO Industry today

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Updated 7th of August 2019


What is KPO?

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