Why should Engineers consider analytics as a career?


Analytics is the biggest draw for Engineering hirers”.

Move over IT and finance. As 2014 draws to an end, Analytics reigns supreme amongst Engineering graduates.

Let us take a quick look at the changing recruiting landscape:

  • Start-ups have replaced conventional multinationals as top recruiters in campus placement

Latest Trends in Analytics Hiring

In a fast-evolving analytics landscape, analytics hiring is on a steep curve – increased by more than 80 % over the past year!

Let us examine what is trending with respect to analytics hiring:


Who are currently the top analytics hirers?

Dunnhumby, Sapient, Cognizant, Reverse Logistics, Infoexcel Consulting, Genpact

Which employers off

Data Analyst or Data Scientist?


Well, I don’t blame you, for the industry working definitions of these two job titles are pretty inadequate. Both disciplines (if I may call them such) have overlapping areas and are usually complementary. At the same time, the titles call for a mixed bag of different skill sets, qualifications and operational roles that set them apart.

While the analytics space has many

What do you need to become a Data Analyst?

It is a data-driven world today, where every organisation or company is working with data. However, data alone is not sufficient for decision-making, unless analysed for insights.

Data analysis is the very first step towards making sense of any data. It is very often an entry level job, which requires good computer skills and an understanding of data management.

Who is a Data Analyst

How to land a great job in analytics

So you have completed your analytics training and are pitching for a job. Or you may have decided for a lateral shift in your analytics career and are looking for an analytics role that excites you. Whatever be, you need to get your portfolio in shape if you want to land a great job.

Select your Project/s wisely

As a student, you will be including your project in your applic

Decoding the myth behind the ‘Data Scientist’

If you are anyway connected with analytics, database management, econometrics or BI, you will have heard of this new-fashioned title of the 21st century, the data scientist.

Much like the conventional scientist who researches, experiments and innovates; a data scientist is a hands-on per

How to land that perfect SAS job

Of late we have many students asking how to land a job in SAS. Interestingly, landing a job that sets you off on a SAS career path requires a slightly different roadmap than most jobs.

To begin with, know yourself.

Are you an analytical person who likes to works with stats and logic? Or has programming caught your fancy? Does the business side of client interaction excite yo

Career scope for an Actuary

Actuaries work behind the scenes, but are in high demand in almost all businesses and industries that crunch numbers, evaluate or forecast risks.

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Why study Actuarial Science or be an Actuary?

If you are interested in a career that offers a bright and stimulating future, with the opportunity to be part of a small but growing talent pool much in demand, then consider a career a

All you wanted to know about Management Consulting firms and getting hired by one!

The analytics hiring landscape in India features various industries that have requirements for analytics professionals. The major hirers like banking, financial, IT and insurance sectors are famil