Why should Statisticians consider Analytics as a career?

Are you a statistician waiting to stretch your capabilities? Do you want to move beyond academics, biosciences and policy making? Then hold your breath.

A recent trend in analytics hiring reveals that “Statistics” is a desired degree for many of the job roles.

Why you need to understand Digital Analytics

Before I do a blog on the latest craze in the hiring landscape – ecommerce analytics, I’d like to cover digital analytics in its new avatar.

As this article in Forbes magazine says, 2014 was the Year of Digital Marketing Analytics, when the ‘dig

10 Tips to face and ace an Analytics Interview

The way businesses work is fast changing. We now have telephone interviews, skype sessions and of course, the conventional face-to-face. The entire process of getting interviewed starts with a telephone call or email from your institute or company. So at the very outset, what you need to do is gather information about the interview – the venue, time, whether you are expected to give tests or a pre

Why you need to upgrade your CV with skills and certifications

Today, a stand-alone degree or post-grad, is not sufficient to make you stand out in your chosen field of career.  As industries and businesses become more competitive, global and specialised, you need to keep pace with changing environments and IT systems.

If you are a fresh student, you certainly have the advantage of being familiar with emerging business models as they form part of your stu

Why should MBAs consider analytics as a career

Last month I had mentioned why Analytics reigns supreme among Engineering graduates.  Now I shall tell you why MBA degree holders are also opting for analytics as a career!

To begin with, a significant chunk of analytics hiring is happening across all industries. Work profiles are

Top 10 Analytics Companies most searched on Google

As 2014 year draws to an end, we decided to draw up one of those typical end-of-the-year lists we are all so fond of.

This is a list of the most searched-for Analytics companies.

Search Engine used – Google


  1. Target Analytics
  2. Amazon
  3. IBM
  4. Data Monitor
  5. Dell Global Analytics
  6. HP Global Analytics
  7. <

Breaking News: Analytics related skills among LinkedIn ’25 Hottest Skills in Demand’!

Linked In stats1Global figures – 10/25 skills in demand require some knowledge of

Why should Engineers consider analytics as a career?


Analytics is the biggest draw for Engineering hirers”.

Move over IT and finance. As 2014 draws to an end, Analytics reigns supreme amongst Engineering graduates.

Let us take a quick look at the changing recruiting landscape:

  • Start-ups have replaced conventional multinationals as top recruiters in campus placement

Latest Trends in Analytics Hiring

In a fast-evolving analytics landscape, analytics hiring is on a steep curve – increased by more than 80 % over the past year!

Let us examine what is trending with respect to analytics hiring:


Who are currently the top analytics hirers?

Dunnhumby, Sapient, Cognizant, Reverse Logistics, Infoexcel Consulting, Genpact

Which employers off

Data Analyst or Data Scientist?


Well, I don’t blame you, for the industry working definitions of these two job titles are pretty inadequate. Both disciplines (if I may call them such) have overlapping areas and are usually complementary. At the same time, the titles call for a mixed bag of different skill sets, qualifications and operational roles that set them apart.

While the analytics space has many