How Analytics has changed the political landscape in India

As all eyes turn to India and the outcome of the largest Unreal Elections”, 2014 goes down in history as the year when social media and analytics shaped the elections and voting trajectory in an unprecedented manner.

From the satta model to analytics

This is a country where the satta (odds) market h

Role of Analytics in ‘Elections 2014’

Elections of the largest democracy have just entered the third leg.

By far the most vibrant elections till date, the ‘India digital elections 2014’ has been applying technological tools and techniques to decode, decipher and analyse the various nuances of the election. The historical role of election analytics for opinion-poll and exit-poll analysis has given way to a more dynamic applicati

Spotlight: Healthcare Analytics

How can patient data be used to detect significant geographic trends in disease?

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Spotlight: HR Analytics

Using data to drive HR (Human Resource) strategy

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A Rundown on various Analytics roles – Niche Analytics

As organisations and SMEs become increasingly data-driven, there arises the need to make sense of all that data and convert it i

Spotlight – Retail Analytics

Which customers are our biggest influencers? What parameters do we use to decide ‘level of customer influence’?

Is there a high-performing store that needs customised product flow optimisation?

How do we decide on the product-mix for each store?

Does the online shopping pattern of our customers reveal trends that can be converted into personalized offers?

Indian retail market gets hotter with Walmart’s entry

U.S. based global retail giant Walmart has just registered a new company ‘Wal-Mart India Private Ltd’ on the 15th January.  News avidly followed by those in the retailing industry. Why?

India is a huge and lucrative multi-brand retail market, with just a few retail giant

Spotlight: Marketing Analytics

Where are my customers located in terms of market segments? Geography? Market size?

What is the revenue loss on account of customer attrition in the last financial quarter?

How to increase campaign response rates using predictive modeling?

Is the proposed marketing tactics likely to convert into increased sales revenue?

The ways companies interact with custo

Spotlight: Compensation Analytics

Does the current compensation program need adjustment?

How is the incentive management enabling the company to deliver on financial goals?

Where to place merit bonus money to discover employees that are underpaid?

Is sales incentive compensation driving sales performance capability?

As organisations expand and employee strength increases, there arises the ne

How Big Data and Analytics can change the way your organisation works

If your organization works with data, you are probably working with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and desktop statistics and visualisation technologies.  As your organisation expands horizontally and scales vertically, you may find the size of your data extending beyond hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes and more! While most of the data lies in unstructured text files