From the Descriptive to the Predictive – Analytics in Climate Science

With progress in the field of data science; climate experts, private players and the academia, are exploring the scope of information that can be extracted from climate trends and computer models. In recognition of the need for innovation in climate data analytics, the U

How analytics can help fight terrorism

The fight against terrorism – an application area with plenty of scope for development

Terrorist activities are trending strongly across news channels and investigative operations. In this scenario, surely analytics can help fight terrorism by predicting terror attacks and identifying terrorist financing? Oddly enough, it was a lawyer who first advocated wielding the power of

How Analytics is used in e-governance

The role-playing of analytics is fast changing from a descriptive to a predictive and prescriptive mode, with application scenarios extending across domains one never imagined before.

With the Indian Government advocating the ‘digital governance’ mode, vendors like SAP are moving in on the e-governance platform across the country, implementing solutions to automate and centralise public ser

How Analytics helped Germany win the 2014 FIFA World Cup!

Who says analytics is only about facts, figures and insights? If you are smart enough, you can combine your career in analytics with unfulfilled aspirations and pleasure pursuits. In a nation gripped with a sports fever each time the World Cup happens, what other example could I give but analytics in sports?

Take for instance the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup where -time analytics was applied to

What drives analytics in healthcare?

According to a report by Equentis Capital, the healthcare sector in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15 % to touch US$ 158.2 billion in 2017.

“The factors behind the growth of the sector are rising incomes, easier access to high-quality healthcare facilities, greater awareness of personal health and hygiene” contributing to a huge patient pool.

How Predictive Analytics drives Competitive Advantage in Online Retailing

A sneak peek into the new budget of the Modi Government reveals plans to open up India’s $500 billion retail sector to global online retailers such as Wal-Mart Stores and Amazon. With this the competition in Indian online retail industry heats up as online retailers jostle the e-commerce space to engage custo

How Footfall Analytics helps optimise Retail performance

How many people entered the store (A) during the peak summer month of May?

How did they behave?

What was the footfall to sales ratio for those 31 days?

What was the footfall per square feet during the period?

What does the effective sales per square feet tell about the store visitors?

Retailers who want to get ahead of the competition need to ask

How to gain business insight with CRM (Customer Relation Management) Analytics

Which are the customers most likely to do repeat purchases?

Which are the customers least likely to do repeat purchases?

Which customers lead to the most profits over a given period?

How likely is a customer or customer segment to buy a product similar to one already purchased?

“Customer is king”, is a well known mantra that has defined the trajectory of

How the Analytics Professional can help the Retailer unleash the power of Retail Analytics

To unleash the power of Retail Analytics, a retailer needs to face the challenge of too many analytic options – store footfall analytics, supply chain analytics, customer analytics, demand shaping analytics, pricing analytics, and much more.

This calls for the need to be selective while inve

Role of Analytics in a cutting-edge Retail landscape


Where Analytics is no longer about a competitive edge, but survival.

The Indian retail industry is a vibrant landscape. Considered the fastest growing industry in the world, it has witnessed myriad business models over the last 20 years. With rising income levels, urbanisation, plastic money and increased rural consumption, India has emerged as the favourite destinati