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An Overview on Analytics & Data Science Industry , India 2019


“Future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious….”


The future certainly looks bright for Analytics, data science

Job Alert : Freshers



Job ALerts, Freshers, IvyPro School,Tableau jobs


We are back this week with jobs fresh from the oven (pun intended!) Scan the JDs below and apply away!

All the best!


1. Tableau D

List of Analytics Jobs for freshers



Job ALerts,Ivy Pro School,Fresher Jobs,Shell,JP Morgan & Chase,Deloitte



Scan the job descriptions below and apply to jobs which suit your skillset in JP Morgan & Chase, Deloitte and Shell.

Data Science and ML Pro+ Certification course in collaboration with Honeywell

Data Science and ML Pro+ Certification course in collaboration with Honeywell




Are you an aspiring Data science professional but skeptical about the industry orientat

Julia Vs Python – Which programming language should you learn to enter the data science industry today?

Image Reference : https://www.techlabe.com/2018/11/julia-vs-python-whichprogramming.html


A new entrant on the block, Julia has managed to garne

Winning Entry : The Data Ninja Hackathon


And the winner is………

Well, not so fast. The combination of GOT & Analytics turned out to be pretty exciting. We received a massive no. of entries and ap

Happy Mothers Day




The story of two mothers this Mother’s Day for a little inspiration and a little motivation for all the Superwomen out there!
Featured :  1st superwoman –  Anwesha, a lecturer  who used her free time before her baby arrived int

6 Useful R Packages for Data Science & Machine Learning



R can be used for various functionalities in the Data world. Right from Loading Data to modeling data to manipulating it and creating sophisticated visualizations, R can handle it all. There exist ove

10 Big Data Terms You Need To Know Right Now



1. Algorithm: A set of rules defined by statistical process used to program the computer to perform an analysis of data.


2. Big Data Scientist: A data wiz

Announcing the Data Ninja Hackathon: Calling all GOT diehards


It is the GOT Season folks! Fancy a combination of GOT & Analytics? IvyPro is excited to announce the Data Ninja Hackathon this April 2019.


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