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New Insights from Machine Learning


The sheer volume and unstructured nature of the data generated by billions of connected devices and systems presents significant challenges for those in search of turning this data into insight. For many, machine learning holds the promis

Machine Learning at Microsoft

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Microsoft is gaining grounds based on their Artificial Intelligence, machine Learning and Software bots. Investors were impressed at the company’s Build Developers Conference in San Francisco In March and shares went up

How does Machine Learning affect our Cricketing experience?

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The fever of the World Cup T20 is at its peak. Now waiting for the final results, a thought came into my mind, “How should teams prepare their players to face the opposition?”.

The obvious answer is usin

Winner of Hackathon-Santanu shares his Mantra of Success

We had written about one of our students Shan who won a Hackathon Contest. He shared with us his experiences as a Data Scientist and what is his “Mantra”of success.

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Excerpts from Interview:


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Analytics Crossword – Brain Tickler! – II

Tickle your brains with our Analytics Crossword Puzzles .

Winner for the Statistics Crossword (Easy) – @Debarun Sengupta. Congratulations!

Get ready for the next round Folks. here it is –Stats Intermediate


Analytics Crossword – Brain Tickler!

Tickle your brains with our Analytics Crossword Puzzles .

Rules of the game: 

>We will take up a Subject/Topic that will have 3 crossword puzzles ranging from Easy, Medium to Tough.

>Whoever responds 1st to the puzzle (given that his answer is correct) will be declared the winner.

>There will be separate winners announced for fastest and c

Brain Tickler 1: Answer this!

What is the role of Analytics in the “working of a Smart AC”? Can you describe the process?

Crack the answer to this and let us know!

We shall post the answer in 2 days.

Till then, Keep your cool!

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Machine learning – WIIFM (What’s in it for me!!)


What’s in it for me!

That’s the question a lot of you would be asking, when you