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Step By Step Guide of Python Regular Expressions – Part 2

Step by Step guide of python regular expressions

This article is in continuation of our first part of a Step by Step guide of Python Regu

Top 4 Reasons to Learn Data Science from Home


Data Science has taken like a wind among the millennials. Many have found that it is one of the most trending jobs right now. But finding the correct data science course for yourself can be a cha

5 things you should know about Amazon SageMaker

5 things you should know about amazon sagemaker

Data Science is surely making its reach out to people, as it is now one of the most trending jobs on the planet earth. With Data Science there are many aspects that come to light –

Data Science Interview Experience with HSBC

Tanwi placed in HSBC

We are proud to share that Tanwi has bagged a Data Analyst job with HSBC, one of the largest global banks, HSBC. Below she shares her Interview Experience with the big conglomerate.

Nothing is impossible t

IIT Kharagpur – Analytics Workshop – 2016

Analytics Job Alert – Delhi NCR – Good Pay – Good Work

Analytics Job AlertA funded peer to peer lending startup, which is growing aggressively, is looking for a Business Analyst / Data Analyst as per the details given below (very good opportunit

Business Analytics Workshop at IIT Kharagpur – Oct 2015

Estimate how many fishes can fit in a pond (Analytics Interview Question) – Answer

How can you estimate the population of fishes in a pond? (recently asked in an analytics job interview).

It’s a classic estimation problem. There is a popular sampling method called capture – recapture or ‘Lincoln Index’ or ‘Pieterson’s Method’ which is used to estimate the size of an animal or human population. There are two versions of this method; we’ll discuss the simpler version (for the m

Indian IT to create new industry around Big Data

Is the Indian outsourcing scene going through a paradigm shift in terms of adding value to their clients? Analytics niche companies and the analytics division of established outsourcing companies might just elevate Indian outsourcing companies from mere cost cutting vendors to full-fledged strategic business partners. The following Economic Times article talks just about this paradigm shift.


Online Reading Resources for Analytics / Statistical Analysis Concepts

Here’s a list of some free online reading resources (ebooks, pdfs, journals, encyclopedia, etc) on Business Statistics, Analytics, Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis –

Electronic Statistics Text Book – One of the best Online Free text books on Statistical Analysis.