Analytics trends to look forward to – 2018

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Data is the New Sun!

2017 has seen the role of big data analytics grow and diversify its application into various business domains, ranging from retail business to the governance sphere. Analytics has facilitated the use of unstructured data into usable insights. As business houses continue to take leaps of growth with revolutionary data analytics, it is expected that this growing and expanding vertically shall leave an indelible mark in 2018 too.

2017 had data analytics as to the core of the discussion and for those who are keen to know what 2018 is going to look like, well, here are some talking predictions about it:


The area of Artificial intelligence had been the centre of attraction all through 2017 and will continue to evolve in 2018. Expecting discoveries in voice recognition and video analytics. With a large amount of data streaming, AI will help organizations with quicker predictions and decision making through easy identification of objects, people and the environment.


The concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning went hand in hand in 2017. Machine learning applications will mature in 2018 as organizations reshape their infrastructures not only to automate repetitive tasks but also to improve customer experience.


The internet of things will be the core of data analysis in 2018. With easy and quick access to smartphones and tablets, business houses have started investing more capital in IoT to gather the needed data and shall be an important part in the near future.

This year shall see a more forward approach towards prescriptive and descriptive analytics. This will help in optimizing, discovering and optimally deploying predictive models, allowing businesses to make wiser decisions with their data.


Data visualization continues to gain ground. Visualization of data has allowed translation of unstructured data into useful and comprehensible insights, becoming an integral part of data analysis.


Cognitive technologies have helped extend the power of IT to tasks that were traditionally performed by humans, enabling organizations to break their tradeoffs with speed, cost and quality. This year shall see analytics automating tasks like strategizing, reasoning and learning and its application shall extend to as far as face and writing recognition.

Well, these are a few of the expectations we have from analytics, nevertheless, it surely has much in store for us!


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