How is Ivy Professional School Motivated to Add Value to Your Data Journey

Ivy Professional School is ranked in the top 10 institutes for Big Data and Analytics schools in the country (Analytics India magazine, 2014, Silicon India Magazine ranking).

We are the official training partners of some of the biggest corporate houses in India in the field of Analytics, Consulting, Banking & Finance, Information Technology, FMCG, Project Management and Manufacturing like Honeywell, Capgemini, Genpact, HSBC, Cognizant, eBay/Paypal etc. and more than 100 Analytics companies have recruited our students.

Ivy Pro School Value Boosters

Our prized faculty are associated with esteemed organizations like ISI, IIMs IITs and prestigious US universities.

Industry experts have time and time again focused on the need for up-scaling in the digital age. But a very dismal yet true fact remains that Indian engineers are left with a huge gap in new-age data science skills. As per reports, in India there are only 3% Machine Learning or AI Professionals.

How to develop your Analytical maturity?

In order to get ahead in the race, development of your Analytical maturity is a crucial stepping stone in todays day & age.

A good data science course to get started will act as a stepping stone.

While on the course your chances of getting internship opportunities are likely to be higher as well doing hands on projects which is crucial to sharpen your data science skills.

How do Ivy Professional School stand’s out?

Apart from a Data science certificate, our students also walk away with what we call – Ivy Professional School’s “Value boosters” which sets them apart from the crowd.

  • Work on Industry projects to get real life hands on experience – Our students get the chance to work on live industry projects with real time data. This is designed to be a stimulating, developmental opportunity for students who are keen to join the world of

Interesting Hackathons: We believe in keeping things interesting. A few months back, Ivy organised the Data Ninja Hackathon, a visualization Hackathon wherein the students got a chance to work on a Game of Thrones data-set. The winners walked away with fancy BookmyShow vouchers.

  • One 2 One Mentoring by Directors – The field of analytics is multifaceted. Mentors at Ivy Pro will guide you to understand the multiple roles and paths in Analytics that will let you determine which direction you can steer your career. Easy accessibility on Whatsapp provides the much needed support when you are stuck. Let’s hear it from one of our students.

Arpita Acharya– An automation engineer by profession rekindled her career after maternity break with a certificate in Data Science and successfully landed a job at Nielsen and credits it to the able mentor-ship she received!

“It’s only because of Ivy’s help and my family’s support that I’ve been able to secure a job at a reputed firm

 Get regular support from Teaching Assistants to clear doubts on statistics, projects etc.- We know grasping Analytics can be challenging. During class, after class, weekdays, weekends our mentors & teaching assistants are available to help you clear any doubts that crops up in your mind to the minutest

  • Learning Management Portal (LMS) with Video Tutorials and Material to revise at your own pace – Lifelong access to the LMS system means you can access it from anywhere, any time you want to revise your concepts even after you’ve completed your course.

learn with ivy pro school

“In the past, people were educated, and learned job skills, and that was enough for a lifetime. Now, with technology changing rapidly and new job areas emerging and transforming constantly, that’s no longer the case,” – Sundar Pichai.

  • Career Center for candidates to find the right Job – In 2019, the Analytics industry is estimated to be $3.03 billion in size and is expected to double by 2025. An Indeed report says that Employer demand for Artificial Intelligence (AI) positions and skills has more than doubled over the past three years. While there is a general fear among professionals about jobs that will be lost to AI, experts believe AI’s key impact will be in augmentation and not replacement of humans. To make a career in AI, it is crucial to know the most sought after skills in the age of Industry 4.0. Ivy not only helps you to gain those skills but also assists in finding the role best fit for your skillset.


  • Resume customization workshop to build a very targeted CV (mentored by Directors themselves) – Experts will tell you the importance of resume customization according to the Job Description. Not sure how to go about it? Get to learn the tricks of the trade from our mentors who themselves are Industry stalwarts and give you the best feedback & tips.


  • Interview Question bank for most of the large companies and guidance by industry experts – You would always want to be prepared when appearing for an interview. What if you have a question bank at the tip of your fingers to glance through just like you did before your boards? It is a definite confidence booster. Right? Prepare for Interviews with Ivy. We also bring you questions straight from Data science Interviews every Mondays so you are always


  • Access to Alumni for career guidance – With more than 15000+(increasing by the day) trained professionals across the Analytics domain, Ivy boasts of a global alumni network. You can gain the much needed inside information or simply for a chat by getting in touch with any of our alumnis.

An Ivy alumni, Arkit Sen is a Jr Analyst in Cognizant, Mumbai. He has a piece of advice with the fellow Data science professionals here:

 “The secret is to never give up. Data Science/Analytics is like an ocean and there is no overnight success. There are numerous algorithms/techniques used in various domains and newer ones finding place with each passing day. It’s a continuous learning process.”

  •   Regular Webinars on latest analytics concepts – Our association with the industry insiders means, our students can get a taste of the latest inside information from the insiders themselves.

Did you attend the recent webinar hosted by IvyPro on Application of Data Analytics by Airtel to Retain their Customer Base? Watch the webinar to gain insights

  • Flexibility of Classroom / Live Online, Weekend / Weekday classes – Flexibility of learning from anywhere on Weekends We understand that attending classes online without loosing motivation can be can be a challenge.The feeling of accomplishing something is crucial. You can learn from the various online resources available. But even for professional programmers it might get difficult at times to locate that perfect project or test out the acquired skills without a proper guidance. To gather a deep understanding of the concepts you need proper mentoring, learning from the industry experts and doing live industry


Get in touch with our mentors at Ivy Professional School & give your Data science career the much needed jump start. Get Industry ready by learning from the best and frog-leap your competition.

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