Alumni Speak– Switching Careers from Jewellery Marketing to Analytics after 8 yrs!

Marketing Executive at a large Jewellery Company with International presence till 2017. Now – SAS Developer, Assistant manager at Genpact.

Yes, we are talking of the same person here. This is a story of an immensely dedicated student – Aakash Sacheti from Ivy Pro School, Delhi.

There are some career transition stories that inspire, some that motivate but some that make you believe that ‘Nothing is impossible’. We spoke to him to understand what made this transition possible.

He told us that he would like to write his own story for our blog. Here it goes –

Hi, I’m Aakash. I did my but couldn’t pursue higher studies because of financial issues. I worked in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur for the first 8 years of my career. I was travelling all the time – I was practically living my life out of a suitcase.

However, I was not happy with what I was doing – my love for data, number crunching and technology wasn’t satiated. I took a brave decision and quit my Job to pursue Analytics.

Quitting a job to start studying again after 8 years is definitely a social stigma in Indian society and I had to face the brunt of it.

During my quest for the best data science training institute, I came across Ivy Pro School that ranked among the Top 5 in the country and took up the Data Analytics course at Ivy Delhi.

What I liked most about IVY is their teaching methodology – they teach from the very basics to all students. As a commerce background student that was a big help to understand the basics of this entire course. Each and every faculty at Ivy puts their full efforts to create a deep understanding of the concepts especially statistics being taught almost 2-3 times in the entire course.

My experience with Analytics interviews –

Employers get attracted towards the number of projects, Case Studies mentioned on your CV. Material taught by IVY is enough to crack interviews.

Whatever I achieved won’t be possible without the motivation and support of my wife, Parents and Wonderful teaching methodology of IVY Professional Institute.

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