Mid Career Shift – From Software Developer to Business Analyst



Mrinal Dhar is an adventure-seeker, who wanted to enhance his technical background with knowledge which can secure his future.

We spoke to him regarding his journey into Analytics after 7 years as a software developer. Lets look at what he had to say –

“Analytics is a rapidly emerging field. I did not want to do my Mtech and had heard many friends talking and doing quite well in this career branch.”

Every morning when he sat in front of his desktop at work with the data given to him, he would simply wonder whether the work could be done with a different approach, if there was an easier way!

The 29 year old, a software engineer at Cognizant, Kolkata has been working there since the past 7 years. He secured the job from an on campus placement drive while he was pursuing Btech from St. Thomas Engineering College.

He joined Ivy Professional School in August 2017. He took up the Business Analytics Certification  where he learnt Advanced Excel, VBA, SQL, R and SAS. He learnt to work with data using various tools, which helped understand the analytics segment a lot better. With rigorous practice on case studies and extensive study material the avid traveller, travelled his way into analytics.

A ride from Behala to Sector 5 is a hands-on torture for people who are compelled to do so every morning in Kolkata. The landscape photographer utilised this time to watch his Ivy class videos so that he could go back home after office and attempt the assignments, in order to meet the deadlines.

While the weekdays were hectic, on the contrary, the weekends had to be devoted to Kaggle and case studies, which deprived him of cooking his favourite Chinese cuisine for his family. He received a good mentor-ship from the faculty at Ivy and he is very pleased with how they handled his queries without failure.

The adventure seeker is hoping to have an amazing experience as he joins one of the big 4 companies this November and kick starts his career with better prospects ahead.

Today his son is 11 months old and he has set an example for the toddler that being a neophyte in any field has no disadvantages at all, just the amount of effort matters!

Mrinal wants to deliver a message to all those budding analysts, saying “You need to focus on something which is more on the technical part. The way Eeshani and Prateek at Ivy has inspired me to indulge into a mid-career shift has helped me prepare myself for the change with utmost dedication.”

We wish him all the very best for his upcoming endeavors!

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