Artificial Intelligence – Making breakthrough in the Public Sector


The budget of 2018 welcomes AI with government ready to allocate $480 mn towards research, training and skill development in AI, ML and IOT. Countries like Japan, USA, UK and China have made major advancements in AI while it is still at a nascent level for the Indian economy.

Public sector identified the role of AI with the event of demonetization where AI helped to check the black money deposited in fake accounts by analyzing the patterns and trends in accounts. Now with the increased focus of the government on Artificial Intelligence, it stands on a better footing for execution.

The basic uses of Artificial Intelligence include:

–Automates repetitive steps and discovery of data.

–Adds intelligence to existing products.

–Adapts through progressive learning algorithm.

–Analyses more and dig into deeper data.

–Achieves most out of data with incredible accuracy.

Keeping these in mind the government has decided the key areas to deploy AI forces:
Healthcare and medicine distribution to predict trend or pattern in disease spread and also to predict areas, communities and people facing shortage of medicines and medical facility.

Identification of fake bank accounts in order to crack down black money through looking at the pattern of fake accounts occurrence using earlier data and flagging off whenever such a circumstance seems inevitable.

Cyber security whereby AI helps in keeping a check on the nature of internet traffic and predict any possibility of cyber-attacks.

Income Tax department to look at the trends in income and deposit.

The ‘Make in India’ campaign and the Smart City projects heralded by the government are just the beginning of the AI introduction in the public sector. In order for Indian public sector to revolutionize AI infrastructure has to be ramped up along with huge investments to be directed towards research in AI that requires massive computing power. However, with the current support of the government in the form of funding, AI shall soon have the cascading effect to different sectors.

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