Forecasting the Relationship between Festivals and Analytics!

A relationship between Analytics and festivals – seems odd! Right? Well that’s not the case. Analytics play a huge role during festivals. Let’s visualize.

>>Festivals mean shopping. But have you ever wondered how shopping malls and ecommerce websites earn huge profits irrespective of the huge discounts they offer to customers. Have you even given thought to the way items are discounted during festivals?

Well Analytics turns out to be the key weapon for all. Shopping malls and ecommerce websites spend huge time analysing the discount-product relationship. The customer shopping trend sets out to be the analysing data for the analyst.


>>Let’s take a much more interesting case. Everyone might have cursed being stuck in traffic jam. During festivals it’s catastrophic. To avoid it we generally use Google Maps, which shows us live traffic status. But where does Google gets to know about the traffic status.

Google Traffic works by analysing the GPS-determined locations transmitted to Google by a large number of mobile phone users. By calculating the speed of users along a length of road, Google is able to generate a live traffic map.


>>Well if this doesn’t fascinate you, Security based on analytics may be your deal. Security concerns run round the clock. But Intelligence department are able to crack down huge number of these cases. But the question arises HOW?

Security forces and Intelligence department use tools like face recognition, vehicle detection, heat pattern analysis and many more to keep the public safe. These techniques use advanced analytics to give out the best result.

Well from the professional front, one can view it as a never ending opportunity.

Any festival which marks festivities can also embark the beginning of technical advancement leading to better management of these festivals. Data Analytics and Data Science which has a recession proof market for a long period of time can be your choice.

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