Analytics Entrepreneur! Ivy Alumni speaks


Look up for startups on the web, and you will find innumerable ones in the field of Analytics. Its not a surprise, a lot of high paying jobs you come across are for these Analytics start ups! Our student Shashank, gave these high paying jobs a miss to launch his own Analytics Start Ups Dudepost and SmileFi!

He has shared his valuable experience with us and we hope a lot of you might get inspired to Start up!

How do you use Analytics in your company?


SmileFi and Dudeposts both companies are highly dependent on advanced technologies. I have used Analytics in making a visual report for users about the contents on dudeposts, which gives them a clear vision of that content along with ease in accessing the desired content. In SmileFi, I  had a whole new experience to use real time analysis, which helps user to get the analytical report updates with real time.

How do you see Entrepreneurs/start ups adopting Analytics in the near future?


The start up world has already started adopting Analytics for better insights and getting better visualization of data. Analytics is helping many companies in growing exponentially with maximising the revenue. Most of the world’s biggest start-ups are completely based on Analytics which has grown tremendously. As an Entrepreneur I see Analytics playing a major key role in my business.

What is your future goal?


I am looking forward to pursue Master Degree from abroad , I will be re-inventing myself in world class reputed University to see change in myself. I am willing to pursue my Master’s Degree in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence background, which will help me grow better with my companies.

How has Ivy helped you dive into the world of Analytics?


I still remember my first day in IVY, Kolkata. I was new to the City of Joy, and I was rejoiced to meet Prateek Sir and Eeshani Maam for the first time after reading so good reviews everywhere. Before joining IVY, I was just knowing the word Data Science but IVY taught me the how we can change the world with Data Science. I would be pleased to give high vote of Thanks to both of them along with complete IVY family, They are my sailor in my first high tide sea journey.


Lastly, what tips would you give to budding entrepreneurs who want to start up afresh!

Fire your Idea, don’t wait.

Beware of sharing Ideas.

Don’t bring family and friends relationship between team members until and unless you have a smooth bond.

One should have a clear vision about his start up, No need to elaborate unnecessarily.

Go slow with plans, Prepare a short and descriptive pitch report to present infront of investors.

Target milestones to be achieved in the fixed time bond.


Thank you Shashank for your valuable insights.

You can reach him on Linkedin.

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