List of Companies Hiring Analytics Professionals in Bangalore!

Bangalore is becoming the hotbed of the Analytics Industry in India. We have curated a list of a few companies hiring Data Analytics Professionals in Bangalore. We have also tried to list the type of company along with. Hope this will be useful to you!

1>IBM (IT )-

2>Ola Cabs (Online Aggregator)-

3>Yodlee (Data Analytics -Digital Financial Services)-

4>Accenture (Business management Consulting)-

5>Indegene (Healthcare)-

6>Bridge i2i (Business management Consulting)-

7>WNS Global Services (Business Process Management Consulting)-

8>Capillary Technologies (IT )-

9>HP Analytics (IT )-

10>Ebay (E comm)-

11>HCL (IT )-

12>Simplify360 (Analytics Start up)-

13>Bridgei2i (Business management Consulting)-

14>Swiggy (Online Aggregator)-

15>Flipkart (E comm)-

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P.S This data has been curated from across the web taking into consideration jobs posted on websites of these companies and other job portals.

All the best!

Team Ivy

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