How should I make an Impressive Resume for the Data Analytics Interview?

Firstly congratulations for having landed an Analytics interview! If you haven’t got an interview call yet, don’t worry. With the right kind of CV, recruiters will soon contact you!

What to DO?

Creating a crisp summary of your profile: Recruiters need to scan multiple resumes’ before reaching the right candidate for their requirement. An attention grabbing, crisp objective or summary statement can be the 1st highlight of your Cv. Contrary to popular belief that a vague summary statement can help grab a wide variety of jobs, it is just the opposite. E.g if you specialize in Quantitative Risk Analytics it is better to mention it rather than simply mentioning Advanced Analytics.

Customise Previous Job Role titles to suit the Job applied for: Your previous “Positions Held” need to gel with the Job title that you have applied for. This also means that instead of the official titles conferred by the companies; replace them with one that showcases the actual work done.

 Highlighting Relevant Skills: Focus attention on the projects which involved the Data Analytics tools required for the job applying for. Do not focus too much on Irrelevant Skills/Work done in unrelated areas.

 Using the right Analytics Terminology to describe Skill sets:While a technical expert interviews you on your domain knowledge, he would be happy to get a cue to ask questions basis “Analytics keywords” in your CV. For Example if you do mention a project done using Logistic Regression, be prepared to answer questions regarding it. Using Analytics terminology is good to showcase your technical skills but Don’t Overdo it!

Highlight both Responsibilities and Achievements under the work History Section:Along with the positions held and the job responsibilities handles, if you mention achievements, its adds value to your skills sets.

What not to do?

>>While describing the projects , Do not go just by the tools applied, describe the problem addressed.

>>Do not get someone else to write your resume. A resume writer would not understand the nuances of a Business Analytics Project hence will not be able to describe it properly.

>>Do not treat your resume as a History paper! It should be a one page Resume (At max 2 page if you have changed many employers)

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