Two Beakers Problem – Analytics Interview Question / Puzzle

You have two beakers – one of 4 liters and other of 5 liters. You are expected to pour exactly 7 liters in a bucket. How will you complete the task? (Don’t Google, Try Yourself)

Analytice Interview Questions

Analytice Interview Questions

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  • Aditya Kumar Singh

    Pour 3 times from 4L beaker and then take out 1 time using 5L beaker.

  • anuragh

    Aditya’s solution is great, just one more idea, fill the 5 litres and pour it in the bucket, then take the 5 litres fill it and pout it into 4 litre beaker, 1 litre remains in the 5 litre beaker exactly pour that in and repeat again to achieve 7 litres in total….

  • Neelam Shekhawat

    Fill 4 L beaker and pour in 5L bucket and again fill 4L beaker then completely fill 5L bucket then in bucket 4 L 3L water remaining.Then empty 5 L bucket and pour the water from 4L bucket to 5L bucket then again fill 4 L bucket. Now we have 3L in 5L bucket and 4L in 4L bucket and hence we achieve 7 L in total.