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Data Visualization Using Excel Dashboards

What is Data Visualization?
It is the presentation of the data in pictorial form. Data when presented in form of graphs rather than tables helps us to get the insights quickly. Patterns, trends and correlations which might go undetected in tables can be easily recognized through the data visualization tools.

The most commonly used Data Visualization tools are:

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Walk-in Drive in Bangalore on 10th October, 2015

1. Company: Marketelligent

2. Walk-in Date: 10 October, 2015 from 10 am to 1 pm

3. Location: Bangalore

4. Skills Required: Advanced Excel, VBA, SQL and R

Please note that this is by invitation walk-in drive. In order to be considered send your resume to with

Analytics Start ups in Bangalore

Start ups is the buzz word in “Digital India”. Combine the 2 buzzing ingredients, Analytics and Start ups, what you get is a much sought after recipe of success.


Here is the list of the Data Analytics start ups in Bangalore that you can look at:

Recommendation Engine with Big Data Analysis of Consumer Behaviour

Business Analytics Workshop at IIT Kharagpur – Oct 2015