Analytics Companies in Kolkata

This is a list of analytics companies with presence in Kolkata.

The specialisations are not exhaustive, as many analytics start-ups are a work-in-progress. If you have any additions or suggestions to make, please feel free to leave the company’s name as a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.


Big Data Analytics, Text Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Predictive Modelling, Data Science

Cognizant Analytics

Decision Sciences (Analytics)

Fractal Analytics (currently inoperational at Kolkata)

Customer analytics, Operations, Big Data, AI and Machine Learning

Genpact Analytics

Data analytics and Research, Financial Services analytics, Healthcare and Retail analytics delivery

Gyan Research and Analytics

Business consulting and research across various domains

HSBC Analytics

Banking, Risk

ICRA Techno Analytics Ltd

ICRA Technology Services

Business analytics

Ideal Analytics

Big data analytics, self-service BI, analytics on demand


Big Data & Analytics, Digital Marketing and CRM, Cloud

Quantta Analytics

Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining, Location Analytics (using GIS), SaaS

Sibia Analytics

Predictive modeling, decision support service, social media analytics, marketing analytics – CPG/FMCG, Retail, eCommerce, Telecom


Big Data Analytics

Wipro Analytics

Analytics deliveries in Big Data, Supply Chain, Operational


(updated 27.04.2015)

6 responses to “Analytics Companies in Kolkata”

  1. Hellbound says:

    Fractal no longer operates in Kolkata. It is based out of Mumbai, Gurgaon and Bangalore. Also, CTS analytics is also not operational in Kolkata. Mostly concentrated in Bangalore and Gurgaon.

  2. Prateek Agrawal says:

    Cognizant (CTS) does have a decision sciences (analytics) team in Kolkata.

  3. Kalyan Banga says:

    Nice list. You can include Fusion Analytics World to this list . Fusion Analytics World is world’s first ever one stop place for big data, data mining, data science, business analytics and data visualization.

  4. Rajib Kumar De says:

    Nice reference!!
    This is Rajib from GlobalStat Analytics (
    GlobalStat is an Indian and globally (currently in Kolkata) recognized Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Product Development Company whose purpose is to develop, produce, and promote Analytics and Data Science Practice and Practitioners.

    GlobalStat strives to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. We can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations.

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