Why Visual Analytics is Trending



It is all over the place. Analytics has gone ‘visual’ in a big way.

So what’s with Visual Analytics, the actively trending analytic topic of 2014?

Visual Analytics is a science.

Visual analytics eqnWhy Visual Analytics?

As real-world problems become more complex, human intelligence becomes a part of the data analysis process at an early stage. Background or domain knowledge needs to be combined with varied and voluminous data sources for insight into the complex problems. Sophisticated visual interfaces, allow users to exploit the data analysis capabilities of the computing model, to make well-informed decisions.

A chart or a dashboard shows results. However, a software that embeds visual analytics allows a story to unfold, and for the user to analyse and make queries. It leverages the visual perception of the user with the power of machine data analytics to derive actionable insights from huge amounts of data.

Visual analytics process

 The Visual Analytics process

 Is it any wonder that ‘Visual Analytics’ is becoming the fastest way for exploring, understanding, collaborating and analyzing data?

The Visual Analytics Software

While dashboards have always been a part of the analytic process, proprietary software like the Tableau have now rendered Visual Analytics the trendiest analytics must-haves for every firm.

So what’s so different from your Excel bar graph or Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator visualization that you have always been using?

Well, if you need data visualization capability that supports Big Data, can crunch data from multiple database sources, or run in the cloud or server – what you need is software that is intuitive, user-friendly and tells the story visually.

Step in ‘Visual Analytics software’ – the new-age code-free software that can be used by people of all skill levels. It answers questions and tells stories, unifies tables, graphs, charts, maps, time series and in a compelling interactive interface.

What the visual analytics software does:

  • embedded advanced analytics
  • ability to analyze all data –  regardless of size, location or format.
  • user-driven data blending
  • work with data from disparate sources (Salesforce, Google, on-site database, spreadsheets, etc)
  • live and interactive
  • supports desktop, hosted and cloud versions
  • on-the-fly storytelling of your data
  • is inter-disciplinary

Popular Visual Analytics Software

Tableau Public is a free data visualization software. It allows you to create visualisations and publish them on Web. You can customize labels, tool tips, interactive filters and legend displays.

Inkscape is free open-source user –friendly vector data visualisation software.

Google Public Data helps you transform public data into a simple visualisation.

SAS Visual Analytics is a proprietary enterprise use software.

Plot.io is web-based visualization software

Stat Silk is another data visualisation software that allows access to world data for customized presentation.

Many Eyes also allows you to use your own data for visualisation.

Examples of Application

  • Climate monitoring / Hurricane paths
  • Emergency response / Disaster management
  • Traffic analysis
  • Social network analysis
  • Location analytics
  • Healthcare – single patient / cohort analysis
  • Finance Stability monitoring of Govt. department

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