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From the Descriptive to the Predictive – Analytics in Climate Science

With progress in the field of data science; climate experts, private players and the academia, are exploring the scope of information that can be extracted from climate trends and computer models. In recognition of the need for innovation in climate data analytics, the U

Why every Data Professional should master MS Excel

Whether you are an analytics pundit or a newbie wanting to work with data, you simply cannot ignore the ubiquitous Microsoft Excel.

From being a simple spreadsheet programme containing loads of data, MS Excel has emerged as a BI tool, indispensable for data professionals. Its unlimited potential to work with data and statistical analyses makes it a robust, feature-filled tool that can be levera

Why Visual Analytics is Trending



It is all over the place. Analytics has gone ‘visual’ in a big way.

So what’s with Visual Analytics, the

What is Data Sandbox?

If you are working with Big Data or advanced analytics, this is one term you will invariably come across – the data sandbox. The term takes its cue from the traditional sandbox, designed to prevent sand from getting mixed with other on-site material while the child plays. The ‘data sandbox’ is similarly devised to enable free experimentation of data in an isolated environment.

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics industry – October

A round-up of what’s been happening in the Indian Analytics space …

As the Indian start-up ecosystem gets bigger and faster, the need for analytics and Big Data training takes precedence. This month we find a new approach taken by the corporate sector to fill the gap between jobs and appropriate skill sets with TCS entering the fray after Usha Martin, even as Analytics Traini