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The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – September

The month of September has been a ‘wait and watch’ period to see how the new Government implements reforms, in particular exchange of technology and FDIs. Although, the India-US talks of September 29-30 will take some time to get off the ground, will it mean we can see more FDIs in the analytics industry and less of the acquisitions we have been seeing the past few years? Will there be more in

Featured Start-up of the month – Analytics and Risk Management Hiring Firm, Rinalytics Advisors

This month we make a detour from our usual analytics start-up profiles. We feature a specialised executive search firm focused exclusively on Analytics and Risk Management talent hiring cutting across the industry sectors.

The traditional placement firms have today evolved in fresh avatars, with add-on services, niche domains serviced, or management hiring ‘only’ like this start-up

What do you need to become a Data Analyst?

It is a data-driven world today, where every organisation or company is working with data. However, data alone is not sufficient for decision-making, unless analysed for insights.

Data analysis is the very first step towards making sense of any data. It is very often an entry level job, which requires good computer skills and an understanding of data management.

Who is a Data Analyst

A cheat sheet on how to tackle an Analytics Project

Analytics helps solve many problems across various application areas like healthcare, retail, climate science, crime, banking, fraud and more. Each of these different applications calls for some basic domain knowledge. For instance, to solve a problem of your retailer client, you would need to have an idea of retail operations in general.

However, what happens when you are assigned a problem or

How to land a great job in analytics

So you have completed your analytics training and are pitching for a job. Or you may have decided for a lateral shift in your analytics career and are looking for an analytics role that excites you. Whatever be, you need to get your portfolio in shape if you want to land a great job.

Select your Project/s wisely

As a student, you will be including your project in your applic

How Analytics is used in e-governance

The role-playing of analytics is fast changing from a descriptive to a predictive and prescriptive mode, with application scenarios extending across domains one never imagined before.

With the Indian Government advocating the ‘digital governance’ mode, vendors like SAP are moving in on the e-governance platform across the country, implementing solutions to automate and centralise public ser

What is data silos?

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”  – Carly Fiorina (former executive, president, and chair of Hewlett-Packard Co).

Data is the lifeblood of an organisation. It is constantly converted into insights. But when you have data that has not been used for a while in day-to-day operations, the repository

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics Industry – August

The focus this month has been more on new applications and solutions rather than acquisitions.  Special mention of the new all new app Surveyi2i, a great blessing to all who need to translate surveys into insights on-the-fly.

Acquisitions & Market expansions