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The latest buzz in Indian Analytics….May 2014

This month, the IVY Blog featured a series of articles related to analytics in the cloud, with additional topics of interest to our students and Analytics Professionals-in-the-making.

IVY Featured Start-up of the month – Ideal Analytics

 Ideal Analytics made it to

Decoding Business Analytics vs. Business Intelligence

Why did it happen?

Will it happen again?

What insight does it offer?

What happens if changes are made?

These are questions typically asked during the process of Business Analytics.  Business Analytics uses a pre-established method to find patterns and relationships, to gain insights, to forecast future outcomes and conduct experiments to test decisio

Featured ‘Start-up of the month’- Ideal Analytics, Kolkata-Paris

With ‘the cloud’ being widely adopted for both visualising and analysing data in a single dashboard, it is time to identify a promising and fast-growing  start-up that inspires with its innovative analytics solutions in the cloud.

This month, we feature a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) start-up that brings in a new dimension to analytics with

Unleashing the power of the Cloud with real-time analytics

The recent 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data Research study puts business spending on big data-related initiatives in 2014, at about $8 million. While analytics software and human analysts form part of this spending, 49% of the enterprises surveyed is slated to invest in hardware like storage and server, 44% plan in cloud infrastructure.

The challenges of analytics in the Cloud

While int

How Analytics has changed the political landscape in India

As all eyes turn to India and the outcome of the largest Unreal Elections”, 2014 goes down in history as the year when social media and analytics shaped the elections and voting trajectory in an unprecedented manner.

From the satta model to analytics

This is a country where the satta (odds) market h

What is Data Management and Analysis?

Data is everywhere whether in unstructured or structured form.  Yet stand alone data makes no sense unless measured, managed or optimised. To gain valuable insights into a given set of data, the data has to lend itself to analysis using a clearly defined methodology, strategy and business goals.

What this means.

Data is to be questioned, transformed into information and shaped to des

Spotlight: Cloud Analytics

A convergence of data and cloud computing

Data analytics using cloud computing or cloud services have led to the evolution of cloud analytics, where the flexible infrastructure of cloud models facilitate data analytics in collaboration with the cloud service provider.

Why analytics in the cloud? 

Organisations rely upon legacy systems for data warehousing. These cannot alw

Certification Course in Data Management and Analysis using R

R is a powerful open source software system for statistical computing. It has become immensely popular due to its intuitive programming language, built-in support for statistical procedures, and ability to produce beautiful graphics.

R programming skills set is attracting some of the highest salaries in Analytics Industry. To read more about R Programming visit Ivy Professional School Blog –

What you need to know about cloud computing

Decoding Cloud Computing

This month we focus on cloud computing and cloud analytics – a core functionality for every enterprise-wide solution. With SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) fast becoming a chosen technology for small to large enterprises, it has become necessary for pro

Why is SMAC the buzzword of 2014?



The SMAC technology / business model

While Big Data was the predominant buzzword through 201