All you wanted to know about Management Consulting firms and getting hired by one!

The analytics hiring landscape in India features various industries that have requirements for analytics professionals. The major hirers like banking, financial, IT and insurance sectors are familiar to most of you. However, management consulting firms in India, which currently have more than 3 % of total analytics professionals, are a mystery to many who may think this is for management graduates only.

This blog decodes the work area of management consulting, and guides you on getting hired by a management consulting firm regardless of which field you have graduated in.

What is management consulting?

Management consulting is an advisory service to companies on the best ways to manage and operate their business.  With the objective of helping achieve the companies’ goals, management consulting includes services of business strategy development, operational techniques analysis, management problem resolution, new opportunities identification, enterprise-wide change implementation and other business requirements.  Management consulting includes within its purview aspects of IT management and  

List of some management consulting firms in India

McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Infosys, and the like. More resources can be found at the the IVY listing of Analytics Companies – by industry.

What do management consultant firms do?

Management consulting firms typically offer a broad range of services with a variety of projects, challenges and opportunities for personal development. Much of the work involves client-facing and meeting targets on time. Consulting spans from reorganisation, diversification, downsizing, asset disposal, launching projects, or acquiring and implementing technology.

Management Consulting Services (MCS) involves the following key tasks:


As MCS are engaged usually when a bsuiness lacks sufficient resources or because they have expertise within the client organization, MCS specialize in solving particular types of business problems, challenges or changes. Of this, analytics forms a core segment of the process of MCS.

 Skills sought by management consulting firms

Many large management consulting firms actively recruit fresh graduates. Although MBA, MSc,  B.Tech students are preferred for some positions, there is not hard and fast rule, as generally, Management Consultancy Services (MCS) is not a degree-specific industry.  This means anyone can apply for a job with a management consulting firm.

Soft Skills sought are:

aptitude for client handling

strategic planning

business analysis  


creativity, flexibility

dynamic personality

strong interpersonal skills

persuasion powers

travel-ready/ travel savvy

 How to prepare for an interview with a management consulting firm?

Although this is a universally accepted guide for interviews with management consulting firms, the generally rules for interview preparation apply.

Build a great CV, updated yourself about the latest in news and industry trends, dress well, project energy and be focused. Check out our earlier blogs on how to crack Analytics interviews.

The Bottom line

A management consulting firm offers “plenty of scope for personal development, expanding your skill sets and enhancing your CV”. Beside opportunities of training, building other skills, working with reputed software, it gives an in-depth knowledge of various domains. Management consulting firms are known to offer an excellent salary package and a dynamic work environment.

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