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Career scope for an Actuary

Actuaries work behind the scenes, but are in high demand in almost all businesses and industries that crunch numbers, evaluate or forecast risks.

Spotlight: Healthcare Analytics

How can patient data be used to detect significant geographic trends in disease?

Why study Actuarial Science or be an Actuary?

If you are interested in a career that offers a bright and stimulating future, with the opportunity to be part of a small but growing talent pool much in demand, then consider a career a

Spotlight: Business Analytics

Spotlight: Business Analytics

What data should I collect? What does the data tell me?

Why is Statistical Software R in the news?

If you have started training on R statistical software, you will be delighted to know that R is everywhere in the news. Whether it is about the use of  R in every sphere of work or life from sports to

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – this fortnight in March

#1. India Government rolls out a SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) policy

All you wanted to know about Management Consulting firms and getting hired by one!

The analytics hiring landscape in India features various industries that have requirements for analytics professionals. The major hirers like banking, financial, IT and insurance sectors are famil

Spotlight: Social Media Analytics