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The latest buzz in Indian Analytics….this fortnight in February (16th -28th)

# Continuing the trend of tie-ups and contracts from 2013, Wipro replaces Accenture for a 10 year

Top 10 pairs of Analytics terms unplugged

Data Analytics helps to gain actionable insights for smart decisions and strategic business outcomes.

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Why learning R is important in present day context

 If you are wondering what language to learn that is going to give you value for money and time invested, that’s definitely “R”.

Spotlight: HR Analytics

Using data to drive HR (Human Resource) strategy

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A Rundown on various Analytics roles – Niche Analytics

As organisations and SMEs become increasingly data-driven, there arises the need to make sense of all that data and convert it i

The latest buzz in Indian Analytics – this fortnight in February

#    While February began with a buzz about

Spotlight – Retail Analytics

Which customers are our biggest influencers? What parameters do we use to decide ‘level of customer influence’?

Is there a high-performing store that needs customised product flow optimisation?

How do we decide on the product-mix for each store?

Does the online shopping pattern of our customers reveal trends that can be converted into personalized offers?

SAS career scope in Kolkata

While Analytics Opportunities in Kolkata currently focus on both KPO and Risk analytics, there are various Job Roles that have a specific requirement for SAS skills. These are not confined to traditional Data or Risk Analytics alone and have a wide range of work areas.

So if you are train