Top 10 Skills for Web Analytics

If you have a blog, host a website or are placed in charge of online marketing, you are probably familiar with the term web analytics or web metrics. Stats such as these must be pretty familiar to you.

However, if you are looking to hone your skills in web analytics or enroll in a formal course that demystifies web analytics, you may be wondering if you are cut out for this field. So here is a checklist of the general skills you need to have to get into a web analytics program or extend your analytic competency to website analytics.

1. Be an online geek

To explore or enter the field of web analytics, it is obvious that you need to be comfortable with internet browsing and searching. You also need to understand how the World Wide Web works.

2. Understand website architecture and layout

So you browse through websites and social media. But do you understand the website architecture that defines how the website is structured? How some sites are easily navigable while some sites take a lot of time to look for simple information? Why do some pages show up instant results and some others lead you elsewhere, while a few put you off the site right away? Well, this is all about architecture and layout – web page design and flow of information through the site. The ability to make out why one site is easily accessed with one click while another is not easily searchable, is key to any web analysis.

3. Know internet marketing techniques

Online marketing is not much different from traditional marketing. The techniques are just different. You need to understand how various internet marketing techniques work. If you can get a grasp on SEO or social media marketing, or how search engine marketing is applied; then you can definitely think of taking your interest further.

4. Be Social media savvy

With the fast emerging trend of social media as core to any business marketing strategy, you need to know how the social media platforms work, like Twitter, Facebook, or You-Tube.

5. Be a trend spotter

When faced with a report, are you good at spotting trends? Can you instantly decode the data in a meaningful manner? Do you have the ability to translate your insights into the data into re-defining strategies or goals? If you qualify for ticks on all the three, then you have already arrived halfway to having what it takes to study website analytics.

6. Understand traffic sources

Web analytics measures web traffic for business and market research. It is applied to improve website effectiveness. So the ability to understand website traffic and visitor data is fundamental to analysing a website for effective website goals.

7. Have ability to communicate through timely customised reports

It is not just about filtering your insights into data, but also presenting them. Trends, anomalies, statistical analysis and data analysis, need to be presented effectively for instant interpretation and decision-making. This ability to present ‘here’s what happened’, ‘here’s why’ and ‘here’s what to do about it’, is critical to analytics.

8. Possess business / marketing Acumen

This is where you can exercise an option. You can either be ‘smart at sales or marketing’ or have ‘business acumen’. While the former taps your marketing skill sets to apply the same to manipulate website designs, interactions and marketing; the latter  helps you look at data and reports from the client’s / website owner’s perspective. Such acumen is either acquired over time with experience or ingrained. Whatever be, they are assets if you want to carve a career in website analytics.

9. Have ability to visualise data

The ability to collate information from various data sources or marketing platforms and visualise the same in an abstract form, is another definite plus. It may be an analytic tool application, visualisation software or even the traditional Excel. All of these help you visualise the various website metrics and apply them to improving website performance.

10.  Be passionate about data

And of course, you must be passionate about data in all forms and types or display an aptitude to understand data.

If you have ticked even half of the must-have list, you can look at this as a possible career option. If you have ticked all the numbers in the list, then you definitely have the makings of a website analyst. However, it is finally you who decides how to go about acquiring the knowledge and expertise to enter into the field of website analytics.

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