Exhaustive List of Analytics Companies in India

Find below an exhaustive list of general (having broader presence across various industry verticals) as well as niche analytics & data science companies in India. The list also outlines their specializations and websites.

List of Data Science & Analytics Consulting Companies in India (Consulting, KPO, & IT)

  1. IBM Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.ibm.com/analytics/us/en/
  2. Mu-Sigma (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Risk Analytics) – http://www.mu-sigma.com/
  3. LatentView (Marketing, Risk, Customer Management) – http://www.latentview.com/index_flash.htm
  4. HCL Technologies (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.hcltech.com/enterprise-transformation-services/business-analytics
  5. Accenture (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.accenture.com/in-en/consulting/analytics/Pages/index.aspx
  6. Genpact Analytics (acquired Symphony Technology Group) (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.genpact.com/home/solutions/analytics-research
  7. Cognizant Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.cognizant.com/enterpriseanalytics
  8. TCS Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.tcs.com/offerings/business_process_outsourcing_BPO/analytics-insights/Pages/default.aspx
  9. Wipro Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.wipro.com/services/analytics-information-management/
  10. McKinsey Analytics Knowledge Centre (General – serves broad areas) – http://mckc.mckinsey.com/our_work/analytics
  11. Deloitte Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.deloitte.com/view/en_US/us/Services/additional-services/deloitte-analytics-service/index.htm
  12. PwC Analytics (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.pwc.com/us/en/technology-forecast/index.jhtml
  13. AbsolutData (Consumer Behavior Analytics) – http://www.absolutdata.com/
  14. Fractal Analytics (Customer Loyalty, Operations) – http://www.fractalanalytics.com/
  15. iCreate (Banking Analytics) – http://www.icreate.in/
  16. Dunhumby (Retail Analytics) – http://www.dunnhumby.com/in/
  17. Global Analytics (Credit Risk, Financial, Lending) – http://www.global-analytics.com/
  18. Manhattan Systems (Retail Analytics)
  19. Capillary Technologies (Retail Analytics) – http://www.capillarytech.com/
  20. Nabler (Online Retail Analytics) – http://www.nabler.com/
  21. Activecubes (Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations) – http://www.activecubes.com/analytics.php
  22. ICRA Technology Services (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.icteas.com/business_analytics.php
  23. WNS Analytics (acquired Marketics) (Marketing, Consumer Behavior Analytics) – http://www.wns.com/Services/Cross-Industry-Solutions/Research-and-Analytics.aspx
  24. Opera Solutions (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.operasolutions.com
  25. Data Monitor (General – serves broad areas) – http://www.datamonitor.com/
  26. Ipsos (Marketing Analytics) – http://www.ipsosasiapacific.com/
  27. EXL Services (acquired Inductis) (General – focuses on broad areas) – http://www.exlservice.com/
  28. Meritus (Marketing, Customer Analytics) – http://www.meritusglobal.com/
  29. Modelytics (Financial, Lending, Collections, Recovery, Retail Banking) – http://www.modelytics.com/integrated/index.htm
  30. Bridge i2i Analytics (Behavioral Modeling & Resource Planning) – http://www.bridgei2i.com/
  31. Cytel (Clinical & Pharma Analytics) – http://www.cytel.co.in/index.shtml
  32. Neural Techsoft (Financial & Risk Analytics) – http://www.neuraltechsoft.com/
  33. Vehere Interactive (Telecom, Financial) – http://www.vehereinteractive.com/
  34. Aegis Global (General – focuses on broad areas) – http://www.aegisglobal.com/section_level3.aspx?cont_id=eLxpcOMCwVY=
  35. Datamatics (Financial, Insurance) – http://www.datamatics.com/services/information-management/business-intelligence-analytics
  36. Marketelligent (CPG, Finance, Telecom Analytics) – http://www.marketelligent.com/home/
  37. TNS Global (Marketing Analytics) – http://www.tnsglobal.com
  38. NettPositive Analytics (Marketing, Credit Risk Analytics) – http://www.nettpositive.com/
  39. Affine Analytics (Marketing Analytics) – http://www.affineanalytics.com/
  40. EVALUESERVE (Financial, Life Sciences Analytics, Main data science / analytics hiring in India is done in Gurgaon) – http://www.evalueserve.com
  41. 24/7, Inc (Marketing, Consumer Behavior Analytics, Lead Optimization Analytics, Main data science / analytics hiring in India is done in Gurgaon) – 24/7, Inc – Predictive Analytics Services Products
  42. Copal Amba (Marketing, Operations Analytics, Investment Research, Main data science / analytics hiring in India is done in Bangalore) – http://www.copalamba.com/services/analytics/
  43. Boston Analytics (Marketing, Consumer, Financials Services Analytics, Main data science / analytics hiring location in India is in Gurgaon) – http://www.bostonanalytics.com/careers.php

List of captive analytics companies/units of large banks, financial organizations and retailers in India:

  1. HSBC Analytics (Banking, Risk) – http://www.hsbcservicedelivery.com/
  2. Citi Bank Analytics (Banking, Risk) – http://www.online.citibank.co.in/careers/what-we-offer.htm
  3. Nomura Analytics (Banking, Risk) – http://www.nomura.com/asia/careers/graduate_intern_opportunities/index.shtml
  4. American Express (Banking, Risk) – https://businessinsights.americanexpress.com/
  5. Fidelity Analytics (Banking, Risk) – http://www.fidelitygrowthpartners.in/news/aug23-news.html
  6. GE Capital (Financial, Risk) – http://www.gecapital.com/en/
  7. RBS Business Services (Financial, Risk) – http://www.rbs.in/India/Links/ACES/index.htm
  8. Barclays Shared Services (Financial, Risk) http://www.barclayssharedservices.com
  9. Target Analytics (Retail Analytics) – http://corporate.target.com/india/career-areas/analytics-reporting.html
  10. Spencer Analytics (Retail Analytics) – http://www.spencersretail.com/
  11. Amazon Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) – http://india.amazon.com/
  12. Dell Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) – http://jobs.dell.com/in/bangalore/information-technology-jobs
  13. HP Analytics (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) – http://hpindiacareers.in/home/globalfunctions/globalbusinessservicesanalytics.htm
  14. eBay / PayPal (Online Retail Analytics, Web Analytics) – http://jobs.ebaycareers.com/careers/paypal-jobs / http://www.ebaycareers.com/
  15. Experian India (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) – http://www.experian.in/
  16. Fair Isaac India (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) – http://www.fico.com/en/Services/GlobalBusinessConsulting/AnalyticConsulting/Pages/default.aspx
  17. Dun & Bradstreet (Financial, Credit Risk, Fraud Analytics) – http://www.dnb.co.in/
  18. Caterpillar (Marketing, Operations Analytics, Main data science / analytics hiring in India is done in Chennai) – http://www.caterpillar.com/en/careers/career-areas/college-university/development-programs/analytics-professional-development-program.html

Compiled by the Analytics Career Centre Team at Ivy Professional School (http://www.ivyproschool.com/kpo) . Ivy’s strong Analytics alumni network has at least a few students in almost all of the companies listed above. If you want to connect with Ivy’s analytics alumni network of students to get help in your analytics career planning, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ivyproschool) and reach out to us at info@ivyproschool.com / +919748441111.

Do you know of an analytics company not listed above? Please leave the company’s name as a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.

36 responses to “Exhaustive List of Analytics Companies in India”

  1. Ashish Kumar says:

    Nettpositive Analytics
    GE Capital

  2. Prateek says:

    Thanks Ashish for listing out these three companies. Will add them to the list.

  3. Rachit says:

    Barclays Shared Services
    Redwood Associates
    WNS (Marketics)

  4. Prateek says:

    Hi Rachit, thanks for sharing the list. Included the companies that were not there in the list.

  5. Cartesian Consulting in Precision Marketing

  6. Ivy Pro says:

    Uddhav, thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Sukhda Dhal says:

    Blue ocean Markrting intelligence

  8. Pankaj says:

    Gmid associates ( Telecom and Banking analytics) http://www.thegmid.com/

  9. ayush says:

    TransOrg Solutions and Services ltd, Gurgaon — BFSI, Telecom, Retail, Travel, Health care etc.

  10. Ankit Kacker says:

    wat about ZS Associates? On what criteria are the above companies listed? is not can you please rank them?

  11. Jayesh says:

    CRISIL – Irevna

  12. sangeeta deogawanka says:

    Ideal Analytics Solutions Pvt Ltd

    Ideal Analytics – IVY ‘Featured Start-up of the Month’

    • sangeeta deogawanka says:

      Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) start-up, with analytics-on-demand & BI
      Focused on analytics in the cloud

  13. sangeeta deogawanka says:

    Blue Ocean Market Intelligence
    Comprehensive analytics – MI & social media

  14. sangeeta deogawanka says:

    Sky Bits Technologies

    Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS), Niche Analytics, Big Data

  15. Karamvir Singh says:

    Algorithmic Insight

  16. Anon says:


  17. Akshay says:

    Do you have an updated list?

    • sangeeta deogawanka says:

      Akshay, we do our best to update the list periodically. You are welcome to contribute as well.
      Many of our blogs too contain relevant links. Please follow our blogs and Facebook page.

  18. Lillian Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing the updated information.

  19. Think Layer says:

    Awesome information. Thanks for sharing. For more information about business intelligence companies visit the link.

  20. Think Layer says:

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments.Keep up the great work.

  21. Karan Ahuja says:

    ORKASH is a management consulting and high-technology services company providing market intelligence, business assurance and operational risk management services for the emerging markets.

    We deliver value by combining deep knowledge of the local environments, qualitative research and grass-root level intelligence collection ability with expertise on information discovery technologies, business analytics and enterprise management systems.

    Orkash works with the senior executives of its client companies to enable them to respond to new opportunities, competitive forces, and risks quickly and efficiently. Our client-base is diverse, consisting primarily of large and mid-size internationally active businesses and financial institutions, including many of the Fortune 1000 companies

  22. krishna kumar says:

    You can also add this name on your list Express Analytics: expressanalytics.com

  23. Rashmi says:

    Does any1 have updated list?

  24. Think Layer says:

    Awesome blog about business intelligence. To know more details about business intelligence please feel free to visit think layer website.

  25. XTage Labs (xtagelabs.com), Delhi NCR

  26. Gizme On says:

    Amazing list of Data Analytics Companies.
    If you looking Data Analytics Companies from bangalore then Gizmeon is one of the best data analytics company

  27. Gizme On says:

    Hey nice list of Data analytics companies .
    Gizmeon is one of the best Data analytics companies from Bangalore…

  28. Neha Khanna says:

    Ideata Analytics – https://ideata-analytics.com

  29. Kalyani Amilineni says:

    SOL analytics.

  30. Rajib Kumar De says:

    Nice reference!!
    This is Rajib from GlobalStat Analytics (www.globalstatanalytics.com).
    GlobalStat is an Indian and globally (Currently Kolkata) recognized Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Product Development Company whose purpose is to develop, produce, and promote Analytics and Data Science Practice and Practitioners.

    GlobalStat strives to support organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and goals become a reality. We can help you facilitate organizational change, empower, enliven and enlighten individuals and organizations.

    GlobalStat makes business easier in an information-saturated world by helping different organizations understand the true meaning of their data and solve complex business problems by visualization and analysis through Statistical Science and assist them to win against a competitor.

  31. Nice list of collection.

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