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Resigning doesn’t mean severing all ties with your employer. You may need him for future reference.
It’s the day you have been waiting for — the day you quit the job you really hate. If you loathe your boss, or the work, you may be tempted to put into play that resignation fantasy you have been perfecting during your miserable hours on the job:giving your boss a PowerPoint p

How Identity Theft Works ?

You work hard every day to make a living and support yourself and/or your family. If you’ve read the HowStuffWorks credit report and credit score articles, then you know how to keep your credit clean so you can enjoy the benefits of all of that hard work. What happens, thoug

How Not To Get Hacked

Protect Urself !

Follow These Simple Guidelines n u are done
*** Under the security option tab of Mozilla Firefox there is an option Show Passwords make sure its protected by the master password.

1. U may avoid using Internet Explorer(old versions) and make the switch to Opera, it’s more secure,